Don’t neglect, Coronavirus may return : Prof.Ashok Mohapatra

Don't neglect, Coronavirus may return : Prof.Ashok Mohapatra

Bhubaneswar: February 18:”Even though the fear of COVID-16 seems to be easing, people should strictly follow the COVID rules to protect themselves,” said Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, a prominent health expert.

“Even though the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Odisha has dropped, we cannot say that it is safe now,” said Prof. Mohapatra, noted Nero Surgeon and Chancellor of SOA said.
‘The UK strain of coronavirus has recently appeared in India which may infect 50% more than the earlier one. Also, cases having strain of South Africa & Brazil, have been detected in India. So it is wrong to think that there is no more fear about the disease’, said Professor Mohapatra.
Professor Mohapatra said, in most places, people are seen walking around without mask, while social distancing seems to have stopped. Some people have been seen wearing masks down their faces or around their necks. There is no point in wearing such a mask,” he said.
With the arrival of the vaccine, it will definitely be able to fight the virus. But, still people should not think that they are safe. Because it will take a long time for everyone to get a dose of the vaccine.
“While there is a high risk of the coronavirus coming back, we need to be more vigilant and strictly adhere to the rules of COVID-19 until the situation changes completely,” said Mohapatra.
Professor Mohapatra, who has already been vaccinated with Covaxin, said it was important for everyone to be vaccinated.

On the first day of vaccination, on January 16, Professor Mohapatra received the first dose of Covacin vaccine, he has taken the second dose just 3 days back. He said,”I am OK with the vaccine and there is no side effect’.

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Although Odisha has been reporting less than 100 cases a day,there is a risk of recurrence.

“Wearing masks, sanitizing hands and maintaining social distancing are three mantras for fighting the COVID-19 war’, said Professor Mohapatra.
He added, I’m not telling people to be scared, but they do need to be careful. ”

“We need to protect ourselves, our families and our society,” he said.


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