Elephant Tramples Two Elderly Persons Near Cuttack

Elephant Tramples Two Elderly Persons Near Cuttack
Elephant Tramples Two Elderly Persons Near Cuttack

September 28

An elderly couple was trampled to death by a herd of elephants in the early hours of Wednesday at Nimapur village in the Jagatpur area of Cuttack district.

According to reports, a herd of elephants wandered into the Jagatpur area from the Athagarh Forest Division last night, causing locals to panic. Forest Department personnel arrived on the scene and began efforts to repel the pachyderms.  According to reports, the elephants have caused damage to several houses and vehicles in the locality.

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Police and the Forest Department have advised residents to stay indoors for the time being to avoid any untoward incidents.

At the same time, an elephant carcass was discovered at Jobra barrage gate number 20. It is suspected that the elephant was washed away while crossing the river and became stuck at the gate, ultimately killing it.


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