FIH Women’s Hockey World Cup : India And England Settle For A 1-1 Draw

FIH Women's Hockey World Cup : India And England Settle For A 1-1 Draw
FIH Women's Hockey World Cup : India And England Settle For A 1-1 Draw

4th July 2022

Indian Women’s Hockey Team and England settle for a 1-1 draw in their Pool B opener in the Women’s Hockey World Cup 2022. The match was played at  Wenger Hockey Stadium, Amstelveen on Sunday.

Goals were scored by Isabelle Petter (9′) and Vandana Katariya (28′) as they helped their respective teams add on a crucial point on the pool table.

Both teams got off to a rollicking start pushing each other for ball possession and creating space in each other’s circle. England drew the first blood when their striker took a fierce shot on goal but an alert Savita averted early danger with a diving save only minutes into the first quarter. But England were successful in their second attempt when their experienced player Lily Owsley with a total of 182 international caps, set up Isabelle Petter with a fine assist. Petter sent the ball high, pocketing the top of the net to fetch England that much needed 1-0 lead in the 9th minute to put pressure on India.

Determined to stay on-par with England in the game, India kept their calm and worked on their strategy to create chances in the circle. They were awarded a PC in the following minutes, but missed the goal by a margin as Gurjit Kaur’s dragflick bounced off the goal post.

Despite missing out on a goal, India remained patient in their approach, building on a good structure and when they were awarded a PC for foot-foul in the 28th minute, experienced striker Vandana Katariya picked up a splendid rebound off England goalie Maddie Hinge’s pads after Monika had taken a shot from the PC.  She deflected the ball perfectly past Hinge to earn India the equaliser and keep the game open in the second half of the match.

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With no goals scored in the third quarter, the match went down to the wire as both teams fought hard for that elusive lead. Though England created a couple of chances in the D with shots on goal, they were off target on most occasions.

India could have extended the lead in the 56th minute when Neha and Navjot worked inside the D to help Sharmila find a deflection. But Sharmila unfortunately could not get her stick on the ball, thus missing out on a great opportunity.

With less than four minutes for the final hooter, the game continued to remain tense when Monika won India’s seventh PC of the match. However, the team couldn’t make much out of the chance with a slow execution of the PC battery and once again England putting up a fine PC defence with Hinge leading the charge.

A good video referral by India in the following minute ensured England were denied a PC. The next few seconds, England dominated the ball but couldn’t make much of it, ending the match in a draw.

Earlier in the day, China drew 2-2 against New Zealand in the pool B match, keeping the pool open. (inputs from Hockey India Press Release)



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