France to pare side events at Paris climate talks


Paris, Nov 16: Upcoming UN climate talks in Paris will focus on the negotiations, and “a whole series” of side events will be cancelled, the French prime minister said on Monday.

          Speaking three days after Paris was hit by devastating jihadist attacks, Manuel Valls said the city would be the “capital of the world” when the crunch climate talks kick off on November 30.

          “No head of state, of government — on the contrary — has asked us to postpone this meeting. All want to be there,” Valls said on RTL radio.

          “To do otherwise would, I believe, be to yield to terrorism.”

          France will be the capital of the world, he said, adding the conference would “probably” be reduced to the negotiation.

          “We are in the process of looking at that but everything which was outside of the COP (climate talks), a whole series of concerts, of rather festive events, will be without a doubt cancelled,” Valls added.



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