Friendly Bears Eat Prasad at Temple in Nuapada, Odisha


Nuapada, Jan 30: An incredible relationship transpired between wild bears of Saliha forest and humans visiting the temple site(amid forest), falls under Nuapada district of Odisha, will leave you astonish.

Earlier, many devotees who visited the temple, were found dead or severely injured by the bears. For the same, the Forest Department had earlier declared the dense forest corridors as house to wild bears. The regular movement of the public was negligible since then.

According to sources, lately, a bear was seen by priest of the temple and few other devotees present inside the premises of shrine. Few people offered him food to eat available for worshiping of deities. Surprisingly, the bear went back to the jungle after eating the food, with absolute no hindrance.

Since, then the bears have been spotted regularly, said sources.




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