Heartbreaking Visuals Of Afghan Baby Abandoned At Kabul Airport Takes Over The Internet


Image Of Baby Abandoned At Kabul Airport, Shakes The Internet

Bhubaneswar: In another heartbreaking visual from Afghanistan’s Kabul International airport, a baby abandoned inside a plastic crate in the city taken over by the Taliban on Sunday, was seen. The visuals, taken amid the chaos at the Kabul airport on Monday, when hundreds of civilians were seen hanging from a ramp to get aboard an aircraft and running along the taxing plane for a passage out of Kabul. The same day, gut trenching visuals emerged of men falling from sky as they need a desperate attempt to flee by hanging onto the body of the plane evacuating Afghans. 

Besides these another striking image was shared of evacuation efforts showing a Boeing C-17 Globemaster packed with Afghans. The plane had exceeded its capacity but the crew decided to fly anyway. 

IMG 0084

Evacuation Efforts Showing A Boeing
C-17 Globemaster Packed With Nearly
800 Afghans

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The image of the crying baby is being shared on the internet. The ailing baby said to be 7 months old and was reportedly separated from her parents amid the chaos at the Kabul airport. Afghanistan’s Asvaka News Agency was helping the family find their Lost baby. The infants parents allegedly lived in PD-5 Kabul, the news agency reported.

Asvaka News Agency

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