Huge Participation In Guardians’ Meet Organised By KISS

Huge Participation In Guardians' Meet Organised By KISS
Huge Participation In Guardians' Meet Organised By KISS

Bhubaneswar: December 18: The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), the Institution for thousands of tribal students, had a Guardians’ Meet on Sunday in Bhubaneswar. Representatives from 15 states attended the meeting, which was organized by KISS, an institution that supports the aspirations of numerous indigenous students nationwide.

Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the founder of KIIT-KISS, expressed his sincere gratitude to all individuals who have provided support and affection, leading to its global recognition.

Dr. Samanta also brought to the guardians’ notice the recent discussions in Parliament, where MPs from different political parties spoke passionately about KISS. They highlighted the pioneering role of KISS in tribal education and praised Samanta’s altruistic dedication to advancing tribal empowerment.

The Founder expressed his gratitude, stating that he was taken aback by the praise and replied in writing that he was merely a “medium” in the process of giving the tribal children free education.

During the event, Dr. Samanta intoduced the KISS Rugby team to the parents and guardians. The accomplished athletes have not only earned substantial monetary rewards but have also been offered employment opportunities by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik in recognition of their medal-winning performances and national achievements.

Dr. Samanta commended the Chief Minister for significantly promoting sports in the state and creating employment opportunities for athletes. Hupi Majhi, the captain of the Rugby team, has been awarded a monetary prize of Rs 27 lakh by the State Government. Before the audience, she and her teammates recounted their success stories and discussed the transformative impact of KISS on their lives. Mama Nayak, who was also an esteemed participant, has been awarded a monetary prize of Rs 15 lakh. According to Dr. Samanta, KISS offers comprehensive development for students, encompassing not only academic courses but also athletics and the cultivation of their creative abilities. This is the rationale behind the global celebration of KISS.

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The Guardians’ meeting provided an ideal opportunity for parents to meet their children, as well as for staff to be informed about the newest updates on campus. KISS has made intricate preparations to facilitate the parents’ attendance at the meeting.

Rajya Sabha MP Niranjan Bishi praised Dr. Samanta as a role model for recognising the importance of empowering the tribal community at a young age. In addition, he mentioned the recognition that KISS earned in Parliament and expressed that Dr. Samanta is regarded as a source of national and regional pride in India and Odisha.


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