Monsoon Fashion: Do’s & Don’t’s In The Rain

Mumbai, August 20: Rains!!! You must be throwing flames like a Fire Fury dragon after looking at the havoc that has caused to your outfit as a result of the heavy rains. Why Not?

Yes we all know, the shivery cold weather, with consistent heavy rain would have been a perfect for the female protagonist in a romantic movie/novel to stand in, yelling at the man she loves, so passionately, Blah! blah!! Blah!!! There are, however, more important things to do on a rainy day than just simply standing in the rain and shouting towards heaven. Say, for example, work! Yes, work. That irksome little amusement that vex so many of us.

Monsoon Fashion: Do'S &Amp; Don'T'S In The RainRainy day are not just bad for your tresses, they can actually butcher your outfit too. I can’t remember how many times, I have reached my workplace with my drenched leggings/jeans glued to my legs and my feet squished wet in my shoes because I didn’t check the weather or bring an umbrella before leaving for work. But, how can we let a little heavenly rain stand in the way of a good outfit? We won’t settle for some old fashioned leggings or rain boots (though there are many awesome & cute options available) — we could wear a bright colourful rain jacket to light up our day and everyone else’s. We can even go for a pretty water-repelling accessory.

I know it’s not my story alone, every one of the functioning ladies out there go through a similar issue on every rainy day. From smeared mascara to soaked shoes, and from wet through white shirts to pants splattered by horrendous messes of mud, ladies I empathise with your fashion hassles. However, if you have  the right things with you, it will just be part of a normal day. So, here are some monsoon fashion tips from one woman to another on how to ensure that rain never ruins your day at work:

  1. Shorten The Length Of Your Bottom Wear

    Regardless of whether you wear tights or jeans, shortening it a couple inches functions admirably in the downpours. If you can pull off some cropped culottes, then definitely, opt for it. Straight cut, fitted cloth pants with Kurtas function admirably as well. In case you are a salwar kameez cherishing young lady, trade out your flared or patiala salwars for more fitted styles. The thought is that the base wear should not remain over the heel of your shoe. Change out long skirts for knee-length ones and maxis for midis.

  2. Prefer Wearing Trenches

    No matter what you’re wearing underneath, ensure to cover up with a colourful rain Jacket . While trenches are the most classic option, and will take you from the workplace to evening coffees to a weekend stroll, there are also plenty of coated and for a pretty water-repelling choices in all of your favourite spring coat outlines.

  3. Flaunt A Pretty Scarf
    It’s the one thing that we always stan, it’s pieces that marry functionality with style. This is exactly how many of our wardrobe prototypes were invented – just out of need, and not just out of a momentary trend! Scarves are one such item.A very adorable, yet, in addition to shield your freshly washed hair from the rain, is to flaunt a beautiful scarf. Select one with a stylish print, similar to geometrical patterns, something organic, or old-fashioned Aztec plan. Animal prints or splendid strong shadings that compliment the rest of your outfit, are clear winners too. You can wear it around your neck averting cold whirlwinds, and rapidly fold it over your head when the rain begins to sprinkle.
  4. Choose Your Fabrics Carefully
    At the point when you’re dressing for a rainy day, be astute about the fabrics you choose to wear. You should  go for lighter materials that will not get harmed by exposure to rain, and are also easy to dry. Cotton, chiffon or nylon are examples of such light textures. Then again, heavier material like denim can remain clammy as the day progresses, or textures like expensive silk are prone to getting destroyed.
  5. Choose Bright Colours
    A cloudy day has sufficient shades of grey already, you don’t have to add to the dull climate! So like an allegorical sprinkle of daylight, settle on brighter shades to lift your spirits and grab the fashion spotlight. Shadings like red, purple, or blue are attractive under the dull skies. It’s important to stay away from shades like pastels, or yellow, to keep stains under control.
  6. Layer Up LadiesUnforeseen rains likewise bring along a surprising drop in the temperature. Which implies it’s the ideal time for layering your outfit! In case there’s a beautiful shrug that has been sitting in your closet fully in anticipation of fall, this is the ideal opportunity to whip it out. You can likewise go with a stylish cape to toss on top of your outfit, or a knitted poncho that straddles the line between summer and sweater climate impeccably! Another exemplary layer up trick is to wear knee-high socks with boots(fashionable gum boots) that reach your calves.  So preppy and charming!
  7. Pair Kurtas With Cropped Pants
    Who said you can’t decide to wear ethnic when it’s raining outside? Indian garments like kurtas get a  bad rep for being less manageable than an average shirt and jeans combo, yet there’s little truth to that. All you have to do is alter your ethnic look as per the climate outside. Pair a kurta with cropped straight fit jeans, or dark leggings that fall somewhat above your ankle. Like any other outfit decision during the rainy season, go with brighter or more splendid shades, and a somewhat loosened silhouette on your kurta.
  8. A Big Waterproof Tote
    A waterproof tote bag during the rainy season is actually similar to a secret weapon. You can utilize it to ensure safety to all of your belongings that are inclined to harm if they get wet, from your cell phone to your cosmetics, and from a trusty notebook to the money in your wallet. You can likewise utilize it as an emergency make-shift safeguard to battle off the drizzle. Regardless of what, keep your leather bags securely wrapped up in your closet and away from the rest of the world during monsoons.
  9. Bright Umbrella

    A nice umbrella can always clear the debate, when it’s gushing outside. But a cute one? Absolutely life changing. You are not just protected from the rains, but you also o look, and therefore feel, good. It’s a practical thing to carry when it’s raining, and furthermore a super simple approach to make a fashion statement. Invest in an umbrella with bright colors, one with polka dots, or some other offbeat yet lively print, and you’re certain to stand out in the game of fashion.
  10. Select Your Accessories Wisely
    In the rains always go for moderate pieces. Solitaires, hoops and a water-proof watch enhance the look. Strictly stay away from chunky belts. Rubber bags no longer make style proclamations. All things considered, go for formal fabric or jute packs that are not difficult to deal with and dry quickly. Likewise, sacks made of cane and patent leather fit the bill. Carry a hip and brilliant coloured umbrella or a raincoat when you venture out.
  11. Rubber Boots
    An incredible pair of rubber boots will have you dodge through those muddy puddles without the slightest hesitation. While the best pair are flat and knee-high, they require a speedy change once you show up at your workplace. If you don’t want to carry the extra bulk, try to go for rubber ankle boots this monsoon—your co-workers may not even realize  they’re wellies!
  12. Hair Care
    Dampness is one of the main reasons for frizzy hair. So if your stylish and shiny hair begins acting like an uncontrollable mop, you realise it is the monsoon at work. Have a go at discovering leave-in conditioners or serums that work for your hair type and do not overuse shampoo. On particularly bad hair days, braid or make a bun. Use loads of conditioning with the goal that the hair is all nourished.
  13. Focus on the Makeup
    In the monsoons, it is generally an excellent plan to do your makeup once you arrive at the office. Your drive will allow your skin to remain uncovered to rain and mugginess making the makeup to melt or clog your pores. Prefer leaving home with just some moisturiser on and do your makeup after reaching the office. That way, you don’t need to purchase any specific monsoon makeup.

Things to avoid

  • No whites: Keep away from whites as much as possible. Yes, I know the whites look wonderful in this season, but that’s only limited to certain places. The whites get very dirty and look really horrible if worn in the rainy season as they get stained and become transparent once wet. And who really wants that!
  • No denim/jeans: These are thick fabric and take more time to dry. If you get wet, trust me, you have to spend the whole day in those wet pants. So, say no to denim in monsoon.
  • Try to avoid salwar and patialas: Now I too love to get dressed in Indian outfits, however, in monsoon I usually stay away from it. If you truly need to wear a suit for any reason, avoid salwar or patialas and switch to churidar or leggings and prefer the darker shades.
  • No stylish footwear: You can flaunt in stylish footwear like block heels, wedges, pencil heels, strapped shoes, ankle straps in many seasons but not the rainy season. In monsoon, always go for some comfortable footwear.
  • Stay away from heavy accessories: Rainy season is not for heavy accessories like rubber or leather bags and chunky belts. Keep it minimal and simple with a Jute or cloth bag, compliment it with waterproof watches.

Hope that these tips help you lovely women and yes if you have any tips that helps, do share it with us! 


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