Odisha: Two arrested for illegally swapping mobile SIMs


 September 18

Odisha Police caught two ex-employees of a mobile company for fraudulently swapping mobile SIMs without the knowledge of the genuine customers. They have transferred SIMS
to prospective buyers without the knowledge of the customers.

The accused are identified as Keshab Chandra Dhir and Sanjat Kumar Panda.

A private telecom company has observed, 35 vanity mobile numbers or unique numbers, have been deactivated’.

Further they filed a complaint before Info city PS alleging that 35 vanity mobile numbers or unique numbers, which are being sold at a premium rate, have been deactivated, DCP Umashankar Dash said.

Police found two ex-employees who have kept the Local Area Payment Unit (LAPU) numbers even after leaving the jobs. These Local Area Payment Units are used to recharge, activate SIM, digital SIM swap etc. The two accused used to digitally swap different vanity SIM by uploading fake documents, DCP said.

These SIMs can be used for multiple purposes like stealing personal data of the original customer, using these SIMs to do bank fraud etc.


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