Puja season offers more holidays to people


Bhubaneswar, Oct 9: This year the State government employees’ vacation period has been extended to five days, starting from Saturday i.e., the Second Saturday to Wednesday which will be marked as the day of Muharum.  Last year the employees had only two days as holiday for the Pujas.  But this time, the 5 days of long holiday has turned out to be a great enjoyment period for all the government employees.

While asked about this to an employee head of an office department, Surendra Nath said ‘this time we are getting 5 days of holiday. Previous year we had only two days for puja vacation. Now all the employee can spend a good time with their family and relatives. As I’m getting more days, I plan to go out of city with my family to enjoy the pujas’.

Previously the puja bazaar had been severely affected by natural calamities. This time the weather condition of the city looks like in favour of the people.  Though it has been raining from past two-three days at regular intervals, the people of the capital city are utilizing their holidays to the most extreme end.


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