Taliban Invades Panjshir Post US Exit From Kabul: 7 Talibani Killed


Panjshir Attacked: 7 Talibani Killed, Many Injured

Kabul, August 31: In another news from Afghanistan, at least Seven Taliban fighters were killed in a battle in Panjshir on Monday night, said Fahim Dasti, a spokesman for the Ahmad Massoud-led Taliban insurgency.

Dasti said, the Taliban had attacked the ‘Resistance Army’, which was protesting against the Taliban in the Afghan province of Panjshir, on Monday night. At least Seven militants from Taliban were killed and several others were injured in the Cold War. The incident happened shortly after US Forces left the Afghan air after 20 years of fighting for the people of the country and against the terrorists.

Notably, the only Afghan province that the Taliban has not yet been able to defeat is Panjshir. In the recent scenario, Many anti-Taliban groups have gathered around the valley, to fight for their rights and to fight against the Taliban. Ahmed Masoud, son of legendary Afghan rebel commander Ahmed Shah Masoud, is currently in the Valley with former Vice President Amarullah Saleh.

Earlier, Fahim Dasti said that the “Resistance Army” in the northern province is fighting not only for the four provinces, but for the whole of Afghanistan.

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