Aditya Aluminium Distributes Sewing Machines and School Bags


Bhubaneswar, March 14: As a part of its CSR activities, Aditya Birla Group’s  Aditya Aluminium Company  has distributed 70 sewing machines to the women folk and 1000 school bags to the poor  children of the peripheral villages recently in the Lapanga block of Sambalpur district.

The  objective of the company behind this initiative is to make the women folk of the region self- sufficient and empowered.

Another objective is to increase the literacy level among the local  children by motivating them to come to schools.

Speaking on the occasion, Joint President of Aditya Aluminium Sushant Guru said that, by  this initiative of the company, the women  of the region will get self-employed and also it will meet the cloth-deficit of the region.

It will  also encourage and motivate the school children to come to school which will reduce the school-dropout rates, he added.  

A resident of Ludhapalli village Snehalata Minz village appreciated this effort of Aditya  Aluminium.

She said, “By this we will be self employed and will earn money handsomely  which will empower us.”

Among others Manager-CSR Lopamudra Mishra and Asst Manager-CSR Manoranjan Behera were present.

The ceremony was  organized by the Lions Club of Sambalpur and coordinated by the SFA NGO.

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