Bhubaneswar heads towards Open defecation city; community toilets to be set up

Bhubaneswar, August 11: Coming together in partnership, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Ward Sanitation Committee will be introducing community toilets in the capital city.

On Thursday, in order to maintain the community toilets already constructed in the city, a MoU has been signed by the BMC and Ward Sanitation Committee.

The decision of constructing community toilets will fasten the process of Swachh Bharat Campaign and will make Bhubaneswar as an open defecation free city.

Construction of 17 toilets out of 26 has been completed and remaining nine toilets will be constructed soon.

The committee which has been created based on the overall decision of locals staying near the community toilets. The maintenance and fee collection of these toilets will be carried out by the committee. Also, the committee will look after the articles and items provided by the BMC to the toilets.

To use these toilets, one will have to Pay Rs 3 and onwards, as per the decision of the Ward sanitation committee.

All the banking transactions will be done through an account which will be opened in the name of the committee.