Flood Water Enter Over Several Villages In Odisha

Flood Water Enter Over Several Villages In Odisha
Flood Water Enter Over Several Villages In Odisha

August 17

Following a week of intense rainfall events, a severe flood situation in the Mahanadi river basin and its distributaries has wreaked havoc in numerous districts of Odisha in the previous few days.

People have suffered a great deal as a result of the flood scenario, from breaches in river embankments to widespread inundation.

Speaking to the media, Engineering In Chief of Odisha’s Water Resources Department Bijay Mishara said, “So far, several villages have been flooded by the Mananadi, Luna, Makara, Kani, and Rajua rivers that have breached embankments in various locations. The administration has patched 50 holes in various embankments. After the water flow has subsided, the repairs work on the breaches will begin’.

He further added, the flooding crisis will continue for the next 24 hours.

“Water flow has shown a downward trend. By 9 am today, the current flow was 11.77 lakh cusecs near Mundali and 9.84 lakh cusecs near Khairamal. Tomorrow, 10 lakh cusecs of water are anticipated to flow through Mundali, according to Mishra.

However, a decision about the future opening or closing of the Hirakud gates has not yet been made. In the next 24 hours, the flood situation is not likely to change, according to Mishra.

The dam’s extra water is now being released through 40 gates. At Hirakud Dam, the water level was 626.47 feet at the time. The dam can hold 630 cubic feet of water. Water enters at a rate of 6.24 lakh cusecs, and leaves at a rate of 6.81 lakh cusecs.

According to the flood situation, the EIC added, “the decision regarding opening or closing of more gates of the Hirakud dam would be taken.”

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