United States Federal Aviation Administration Declares Kabul Airport ‘Unregulated’


NEW DELHI: The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Wednesday declared Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, as unregulated. “No U.S. civilian aircraft can operate in Kabul without prior approval,” the FIA ​​said in a statement.

“Afghanistan’s ‘Flight Information Region’ is the ‘G’ category of unregulated air travel,” FAA said in a NOTAM. Therefore, all flights arriving at or departing from Kabul Airport should arrange an approved ‘Flight Plan’ at least 24 Hours earlier.

According to the FIA, “NOTAM” is a notice that contains essential information for employees involved in aviation. Therefore, for non-transmission of this information through other means or medium, it had not been notified in advance.

Another such announcement was made on August 30, when the last American plane left Kabul airport. It was stated that there was no “Air Traffic Control” or “Airport Services” at the airport.

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