Weekly Horoscope prediction for 16th to 22nd August

Are you wondering how your week is going to be? Want to know what the stars have been hiding for you this week? Do you want to know how your stars are lined up this week. Check your weekly horoscope for 16th-22nd August here.
Aries(The Ram)

Dear Aries, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will bring you plenty of good times that will balance out the turbulence at work and at home. Deal with the obstacles you may face in a smart way, if you want a positive outcome. Let yourself enjoy love and spend memorable time with your partner. Don’t waste this positive period, try to make the most of it, for the benefit of your love life.In your finances, avoid any unnecessary expenses, because you may need the money for other requirements that must be met shortly.

Taurus (The Bull)

Dear Taurus, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will help you out through all the things that  have troubled you and you will finally be able to make your dreams come true. In your professional life, some plans are about to be set in motion, and you will receive good news soon. Be careful after the middle of the week, since you might face some difficulties in your finances. Don’t attempt to start  any new ventures or undertake new projects. Conditions for you will be clearer and more suitable later on.

Gemini (The twins)

Dear Gemini, Your weekly horoscope says, this week you will be concerned with practical matters of your life and you will find a way to resolve them. Some minor obstacles will occur around the middle of the week, at home or at work; make sure you deal with them in a calm manner. Trust your intuition this week and take your ideas and plans to the next level. These conditions will help you support your choices, set your dreams in motion and deal with issues that have blocked your path.

Cancer (The Crab)

Dear Cancer, Your weekly horoscope says, the beginning of the week will provide you with self-confidence, strength and negotiating ability. You will be able to promote your plans with success. After the middle of the week, problems might arise in your personal life, on both a social and a family level. Don’t worry, however, because they will create new bases that will benefit you in the future.

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The landscape of your life will clear up; you probably might need that. Towards the end of the week, be prudent in your finances and avoid unnecessary spending and burning your money. The conditions are not right for that yet.You may face certain challenges that you must ignore, in order to protect your existing relationship.

Leo (The lion)

Dear Leo, Your weekly horoscope says, this week you need to sit back and take some time to think for your future. These days will not be suitable for implementing your professional plans. Instead, make some new plans that will help you in your next steps. Your dynamism will make you think clearly and decisively this week. Around the end of the week, be prudent in your finances and prefer not to waste much money. Spend money on what is important and postpone everything else for the future, when things will be more positive for you

Virgo (The Virgin)

Dear Virgo, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will offer you some positive news in the area of your finances. You will, however, need to distinguish the necessary expenses from the unnecessary ones. This will help you balance your life. Your professional life is favoured, so you are about to see some very positive results this week.

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You need to organise your schedule real soon in order to deal with your many obligations. You have what it takes to succeed, you just need to work smart.You might meet a very interesting person through your circle of friends, who could end up being your other half.

Libra (The Scales)

Dear Libra, Your weekly horoscope says, even though communication is not much favoured this week, you will manage to have a lot of fun. In your social circle, you will be the centre of attention and the life of the party. Don’t forget to be yourself at the end of the day. You know how to make your friends have fun and feel good.

At work, you will face some difficulties around the end of the week that will throw you off your schedule and make your life hard, but keep your calm. Be careful and don’t leave anything to chance; make solid plans, organise and stick to your schedule, if you want to achieve the best results for yourself. Remember the harder you try, the more likely you are to succeed.

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Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Dear Scorpio, Your weekly horoscope says, be careful and take advantage of this positive time you have. The time has come for you to implement your plans. All that’s needed on your part is consistency, activeness and the ability to set aside all the feelings that hold you back and destroy your creativity. Take the opportunity, since you know very well that such chances do not come everyday.

Do not let your bad side hold you back ever. On the other hand, in your personal life your luck smiles and gives you the most precious gift, the joy of being with the people you adore and love. You will appreciate every moment with them, and that will be enough to charge your batteries. Family and friends are close to you, so have fun and forget about all your troubles.

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Dear Sagittarius, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will definitely teach you a new lesson on how you see life. More specifically, there will be occasions that will make you acquire a different understanding of what’s happening around you and you will learn to treat things in a different manner.There are times when you feel that you have reached your limits and you feel suffocated on every level.

You will see, however, that, at times of enlightenment, it only takes a second for you to change your views and your choices. Things that burden you acquire a different meaning and you are able to move on in a refreshed mood. Around the end of the week, remember to be reserved about issues concerning your finances and your work. Beware of new beginnings, do not take any important step before you consider everything.

Capricorn (The Sea goat)

Dear Capricorn, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will be very hectic at work, but at the same time you will get the chance to let your hair down and have fun. You will need to be more focused and persistent in order to meet the demands of your work, so try to get some help from your colleagues. You are surrounded by many people who can support you and lighten your burden. Your personal life will reward you with beautiful moments, as long as you avoid serious discussions and arguments. Deal with one thing at a time, otherwise you might be confused.

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Aquarius (The Water Career)

Dear Aquarius, Your weekly horoscope says, this week is not negative for you, but that does not mean that everything will go smoothly for you. In general, you will be in a good mood, but you will also need to deal with unexpected events that will worry you a little and will make you feel pressured. However, people around you can help you. Around the middle of the week, maintain a low key behaviour, since people in your social circles will tend to judge you and gossip a lot.

Your attitude at work should be polite. Stay calm and ignore some delays that might occur. Devote your time to alternative activities to keep you on board. Settle pending obligations which remain from the past and which you have never had the time to manage until now. In short, look for the positive side, because it is definitely there for you. Besides, you do not have particularly serious issues to resolve. Take advantage of this and relax this week.

Pisces (The Fishes)

Dear Pisces, Your weekly horoscope says, this week will give you the chance to display your ability, which concerns you a lot , makes you feel under confident and constantly makes you seek new acquaintances. You may participate in charity events that will help others with their problems and this altruism will fill you with warmth.

At work, success will definitely find you as a result of your professionalism; you have the ability to organise, plan and execute anything assigned to you. Your development will come naturally and will make you really proud of yourself.This week will be beautiful for your love life, full of warm family moments. Your loved ones will seek your presence and you will spend a lot of quality time together. If you are single, then you will meet your other half soon.


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