Al-Qaeda In Plans To Attack US Soil Within 2 Years: US Intelligence

New Delhi: Earlier the United States had said that there is no longer a risk of terrorist attacks on the country. However, a recent news surfaced, where a senior U.S. intelligence official said al-Qaeda could carry out its offensive in Afghanistan and attack the United States.

Al-Qaeda In Plans To Attack US

Al-Qaeda may launch an attack in the next year or two years, according to the US intelligence agency.
The news is now a headache for the United States, which has been widely criticized for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. CIA Deputy Director David Cohen agreed with the reports and said that the attacks may happen within a period of one or two years, saying that Al Qaeda has established its hideout in Afghanistan and had begun terrorist activities.
Earlier in June, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told a Senate committee that it would take Al Qaeda two years to develop its ability to invade the United States from Afghanistan.
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