Taliban Hangs Man From US Black Hawk Helicopter, Dies


Unknown Man Dies After Hanging From Helicopter

Taliban Celebrates Exit Of Foreign Nations From Afghanistan With Fireworks

New Delhi, August 31: Moments after the US troops leave Kabul Airfield, the Islamic Terrorist Organization has been seen showing it’s actual color to the World. In a shocking video, circling the internet, a man is seen hanging from an American black hawk helicopter, up in the air in Afghanistan’s Kandahar.

Notably, while patrolling in Kandahar, the Talibanis had suspicion on a person. They capture him, hung him to the Black Hawk Helicopter and flew him up. During this, the person kept hitting the buildings badly. He died shortly after that. However,  information about the deceased is yet to be known and neither any allegations against him has been come to the front.

According to some British newspaper sources, the US had given 7 Black Hawk helicopter to the Afghan Army. However, the US have claimed that, they have destroyed 73 aircrafts, 27 humvees and many weapon system, which can never be used again by the Talibanis.

In the meanwhile, after the exit of US troops from Afghanistan, Talibanis were seen celebrating across the country with fireworks.

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